About Protect Texas Kids

Protect Texas Kids (PTK) is a nonprofit organization here to take a stand in protecting kids from the toxic, indoctrinating agenda of the left by exposing the truth behind the ongoing assault that has been ruthlessly waged against our children’s identities, core development, and traditional values.

A corrosive and confusing message that gender is fluid is being forcibly taught in schools to children at ages that they are most vulnerable and most impressionable. Leftist curricula, and personal agendas of aligned teachers, indoctrinate them with Critical Race Theory (CRT), anti-American sentiments, and much more. PTK is here to fight back.

We are seeing clinics in Texas that are providing so-called “gender-affirming care” for children often under 10 years of age.  This “care” consists of irreversible surgical procedures and/or puberty blockers that causes detrimental, and often permanent, harm to otherwise healthy youths. Clinics that take part in these procedures and treatments involving our children should be shut down immediately, and PTK will work tirelessly to achieve that outcome.

The leftist machine has come for your children. It is time to understand what is going on, and counter them by empowering parents, and the community at-large, to challenge these ideologies everywhere they are found.

We aim to expose their attempts to propel these ideologies along with the people, sources, and institutions behind them.

A disturbing number of educators in Texas have been caught pushing this propaganda behind the closed doors of their classrooms — even without it being part of the approved curriculum. In response to that, we have created a hotline available for parents, students, and co-workers to report these instances. If you have audio, video, or other evidence of these ideologies being taught in your school, call us at (214) 702-2869 or email us at info@protecttxkids.. All tip source information will be kept confidential.


Our mission is to protect Texas kids from the harmful agenda of the left – from CRT to gender modification procedures on minors. The left has declared war on traditional values and made our children the battleground. We will confront their harmful agenda and protect our children from the lasting damage inflicted by the radical left.

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Protect Texas Kids is a 501(c)4 organization

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