Saturday, June 17th
7-9 pm
Arlington, TX 76011

Cancel your Six Flags season passes and DO NOT support this company! In the latest example of corporate idiocy, Six Flags announced that they’ll be hosting drag shows every Friday and Saturday in June. We’ll be there with extra posters and complimentary waters on June 17th to let them know what normal people think of these sick displays, so bring a friend and join us to peacefully protest! Word is that one of Six Flags’ grown male “performers” was also the man accused of exposing his genitals at a recent all-ages drag show in Fort Worth.

Once Six Flags heard about our plans to protest, they added an age restriction and shuffled the show times, but that is not enough. Six Flags is a place that families with children go to have fun, and this is not enough to dress up this disgusting pig of an event!