August 25, 2022

✂️  The Left wants to erase all traces of classic education in schools.

✂️  We do not want Texas kids to be guinea pigs in the Left's social experiments and Liberal indoctrination.

✂️  Parents must get involved with their children's education and be prepared to face immense backlash and intimidation tactics from Left-wing radicals.

✂️Parent engagement is proven to be the most successful tool in protecting kids from indoctrinating ideologies that subvert wholesome education. Come to our Saturday Training Event in two weeks!

PTK’s Back-to-School Training Session

When: Saturday, Sept. 10th 

Where: Look Cinemas, 10110 Technology Blvd E,

Dallas, TX 75220

To help inform and equip parents/community members with the knowledge needed to combat Leftist indoctrination, Protect Texas Kids will be hosting a training session.


Against Another LOCAL “Kid-Friendly” Drag Show

When: THIS Sunday, August 28th from 11-4pm

Where: Anderson Distillery and Grill (400 S Oak St., Roanoke, TX 76276)

Take a stand with Protect Texas Kids and say NO to this evil event!

We will have plenty of cold water and extra posters for everyone.

Get more info and RSVP here on our Facebook page. 

Events like this attempt to discretely sexualize and groom kids under the guise of being “family-friendly” – but they far from discrete and are inherently sexual and inappropriate for children. See you there!

PTK Instagram Live Series Announcement:

Next week, we’ll be starting a new Instagram Live series where we bring elected officials, political figures, organizations, and more onto our page once a week to have a live discussion for our followers to watch.

We’ll be discussing everything related to the Left’s war on kids:

✂️  What elected officials are doing to fight at the state and national level,

✂️  Success stories from school board members in conservative districts,

✂️  How-to’s for getting past nerves & giving effective public comment,

       and more.To kick off this new series, Michelle Malkin will join us next week to talk about how much the war on kids has escalated in the last decade, and what the future of education looks like. 

🗣 Our readers here will be the first to know who each upcoming PTK Instagram guest will be!

📧  If you have a suggestion for a special guest speaker or topic suggestion for us to cover, please let us know! Email us:

News Report:

Opinion: Protecting Educators from the Woke Mob

This week, Liberal media put out fake news claiming that Keller ISD had banned the Bible an an adaptation of the Diary of Anne Frank. This completely false story went national, with even conservative media spinning it. Read Keller ISD’s School Board Vice President, Sandi Walker’s op-ed about how the woke mob came after teachers and district staff.

Majority OPPOSE Teachers Talking About Woke Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Garbage to Students

When school boards pass good policies in favor of protecting kids, the Left often claims that the board isn’t acting in favor of the majority of parents.  However, that’s blatantly untrue. Most parents and taxpayers with common sense want this toxic garbage out of schools NOW!

Roanoke, TX Bar to Host Drag Show for Kids

PTK received a tip about this event a week ago. If you thought they would stick to the “big cities”  and leave your suburban communities alone, think again. The restaurant owner has no plans to cancel the event nor require an age of 18+; we need YOU to show up with us on Sunday!